Autumn’s Navy Staples by Mufti

Rooted in the maritime tales of yore, the genesis of navy blue whispers of the valorous uniforms that adorned the intrepid souls of the British Royal Navy, a tradition etched since 1748. Carving a path through time, its nomenclature evolved from the initial “marine blue” to the evocative “navy blue,” a nod to its deep-sea lineage that spans eras and oceans.

With the onset of India’s tropical winter season, navy blue embraces a newfound role – a versatile protagonist in the symphony of seasonal style. As the tropical realms of India find respite from the unrelenting summer blaze, so does your wardrobe find solace in the cool embrace of navy blue. This hue serves as an ode to maritime officers of yore – bold, audacious, and steadfastly adventurous, embodying history’s tales of exploration and the spirit of untamed frontiers. Just as the tropical winter carries a whiff of rejuvenation after months of sweltering heat, navy blue breathes a revitalizing essence into your ensemble. It encapsulates the essence of maritime heritage, conjuring images of vast open waters and endless horizons. Amidst the tranquility of this season, navy blue stands as a symbol of subtle grandeur, reflecting the calm seas and cool breezes that sweep across tropical landscapes. The shade seamlessly dances through a spectrum of events, from laid-back gatherings to more formal affairs, like a chameleon adapting to its vibrant surroundings.

Urban Floral Print Shirt


Urban Floral Print Shirt Urban Floral Print Shirt

Urban Floral Print Shirt Urban Floral Print Shirt



Delve into the essence of urban sophistication with our Urban Floral printed shirt, a true epitome of elegant casualwear. This meticulously crafted piece seamlessly merges a delicate floral microprint with a contemporary urban vibe, creating a versatile garment that transcends style boundaries. Paired effortlessly with khaki chinos, it exudes a relaxed yet refined aura, ideal for leisurely hangouts. Alternatively, when layered under a sharp blazer and matched with tailored trousers, its versatility shines through for more formal occasions. A wardrobe essential that effortlessly adapts to your plans, this shirt is a testament to the modern individual’s dynamic and multifaceted lifestyle.

Urban Checked Shirt

Urban Checked Shirt Urban Checked Shirt


Elevate your brunch style with the timeless charm of windowpane checks in deep navy, gracefully adorned with accents of warm mustard hues. This exquisite ensemble strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and casual flair. The intricate pattern exudes refinement, making it an ideal choice for a memorable outing. Pair it seamlessly with deluxe white denim jeans for a touch of relaxed elegance, or opt for chinos to capture a refined yet approachable look. With its versatile palette and classic design, this ensemble effortlessly transitions from brunch to beyond, ensuring you radiate confidence and impeccable taste wherever you go.

Printed Striped Shirt

Printed Striped Shirt Printed Striped Shirt


Step into the realm of contemporary fashion with our logo-printed shirt – a captivating twist on the timeless striped classic. This creation reflects the dynamic style of the modern Mufti man, effortlessly merging tradition with innovation. The meticulously designed status-printed stripes redefine sophistication, offering a dash of panache to your ensemble. The inclusion of logo motifs adds a personalized edge, a celebration of individuality and confidence. Whether paired with tailored trousers for a refined aesthetic or dressed down with denim for a casual vibe, this shirt adapts seamlessly to any occasion. A testament to Mufti’s commitment to pushing boundaries, it’s an audacious choice for those who aspire to honor tradition while embracing the avant-garde. Unveil your distinct persona with every confident stride.

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