Breaking The Rules with Jeans

With jeans, some people like to keep it simple, the ones who have held on to the slim fit even after the advent of skinny fit and those plain ones against the ripped jeans. Then are those who go with the trends and blend into the fashion of ripped distressed jeans and the skinny fit like fish takes to water.

However, both these people can notch up a bit higher now as the staple styles have started becoming boring, if at all. Here are a few tips to break the norms and redefine your denim style.


1- Start with the skinny fit jeans. This is because these are the latest and turning it around for your style is nothing short of courageous. You can pair them with a light coloured linen of a Mufti polo t-shirt a great casual look which isn’t done so often.

2- The Straight-cut jeans can be a deal-breaker to make eyeballs roll especially because of its heritage. The vintage look of these jeans can be coupled with Mufti casual shirts to give it an authentic yet urban look. And of course, don’t forget the Classic Sneakers.

3- The distressed jeans can help you redefine style by toning the funk down and wearing them seamlessly with a smart shirt or with a layered jacket.

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