Different Denim Bottoms For You

If you are the Denim guy, then this is the only place you’d rather be. 


Over the years Denim has evolved and seeped into our daily life like never before. From only trousers to trucker jackets and the shirts and now every other fashion statement is being made by denim fabrics. There’s a good reason for that too, denim is sturdy, cool, and extremely comfortable (now with the stretch jeans available). 


Let’s look at a few ‘Denim looks’ that you don’t want to miss: 


1- Button up shirt with ripped jeans. Contrast is key here. Wear the ripped washed Mufti jeans with a neat bright Mufti shirt for men or the other way round – darker jeans with a more washed Mufti shirt. 

2- Denim shorts are a statement in themselves. They come in two styles; one is the plain shorts which goes with just about anything from the Mufti polo t-shirt to the button-ups. 


Then there are the ripped denim shorts. These can be styled with linen shirts or casual tees for the funky yet cool look.

3- One of the best things to happen to denim is the Mufti Denim joggers. These versatile joggers can team up with just about anything from a casual t-shirt to a gym dri-fit and even a Mufti shirt. That’s the plus here, it’s comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

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