Lightweight Corduroy for a Festive Winter

Corduroy, as we know it today, has a rich sartorial history that first began in ancient Egypt before expanding into Europe and eventually, the rest of the world. Corduroy was an exclusive textile that was reserved as a symbol of royalty. The Mufti Corduroy Casual Shirts are an aesthetic nod to this opulence of the fabric while staying strongly rooted in workwear.

Corduroy may have a history well-steeped in the western autumn and a rich heritage of fall colours. Back home in India, corduroy fabric has been a signal of sophistication and elegance making it an excellent choice for the celebratory occasions of the Indian festive season. Mufti’s corduroy casual shirts add a splash of colour and refinement to your fit. From mustard yellow to brick red to royal blues, the spectrum of vivid colours and patterns is wide enough for Mufti Man to find space for one in his wardrobe or for more to add in rotation.

For us at Mufti, this was an irresistible challenge to weave back the corduroy’s popularity into the public’s consciousness. It all started with reimagining the fabric, otherwise heavy and insulating, as a lightweight all-weather champion. The Mufti lightweight corduroy casual shirts are a nuanced adaptation. Tailored from pure cotton fabric, the authentic casual shirts are adapted for the unique winter of India and yet as soft as they could get.


We believe the appeal of corduroy has less to do with either its rich history or that the soft, velvety fabric is one of the marvels of everyday apparel. The Mufti Man wears it because it makes him feel good and look good. One simply cannot underestimate its clout in exuding a certain style statement all year round.

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