Mufti’s Denim Variety

Today, the Mufti Man is living in an almost unprecedented age of fashion where creativity and uniqueness triumph over strictly dictated rules of styling. Whether you are shopping for your daily workwear or building a solid wardrobe to match an equally bustling weekend, there is no shortage of fashion pieces for you to experiment with – including Mufti’s own casual shirt collection for men this summer. Dyed in Indigo, one of the most important colours with a long-standing legacy in fashion and a promising future as a sustainable alternative to commercial dyes.


Set against an indigo backdrop, a nod to India’s rich cultural and historical affair with the inky blue dye, we at Mufti have mixed and matched with prints to create a look that is very easy-to-wear clothing for every day. Think fashion meets beautiful basics in a high-quality casual shirt that every man needs in his wardrobe – a winning combination if ever there was one. Indigo dyed, which means that with time, it’ll fade and bleed, gaining character and eventually looking even better than it does right now. If you have only associated indigo clothing with denim jeans, this Mufti casual shirt collection implores you to think beyond the obvious and mundane and try something a little more exceptional this summer.

Dress it Down or Up – Your Call

This Mufti casual shirt is like the denim shirt’s artistic and rebellious cousin that allows you to look beyond the associations to durability. Instead, the micro-check pattern on this casual shirt for men brings an understated elegance to your wardrobe that can be dressed down or up. This is the kind of men’s shirt that can be worn wrinkled – it looks great open, over a plain white t-shirt and paired with your favourite chinos and sneakers. This is also the kind that looks great ironed to perfection and complemented with a suit, a knit silk tie, and shined formal shoes. This Mufti denim casual shirt is even better on its own with slim denim jeans and clean white sneakers. No matter your vibe, this casual shirt will lend you an effortlessly cool aura that will last you through the day.

A Timeless British Heritage

Think tartan check and the world has only seen the print, with an aristocratic lens, as a Scottish tweed and an indispensable winter garment of British textile heritage. Here at Mufti, we have been daring in styling the tartan for summer integrated with indigo for a bold, contrasting casual shirt for men. The result – Mufti denim casual shirt is a wonderfully creative endeavour that reflects our constant pursuit of redefining the modern Indian man’s everyday essential clothing. The combination of the neutral, dialled-down greys and charismatic indigo dye in this unique pattern gives Mufti denim casual shirt a unique appearance that is contemporary and sartorial.

The Perfect Crossover Shirt

Indigo speaks of a dye that is rugged – literally toiled off the earth and the flagbearer of durability and versatility in denim fabric. Foulard, contrastingly, represents all things luxury, bespoke and tailored – a smooth knit, most commonly as a scarf, a tie or a pocket square in silk. Taken together and rendered in this Mufti denim casual shirt, it can only be described as a wearable work of art unlike anything seen before. The foulard print makes a strong statement with minimal effort from day to night for every occasion. Over time, the indigo will evolve as it bleeds and fades leaving you with is something different—and exponentially more interesting—than what you started with. Buttoned up or dressed down with rolled-up sleeves, this men’s casual shirt will not only look good but even better the more often you wear it.

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