What to Pair with Super Slim Fit Jeans

The Super Slim Fit Jeans have been in and out of the popular culture, but now, it looks like they’re here to stay. Quickly replacing the baggy and bootcut jeans, these amazing unisex fabrics are cool but sometimes misunderstood too. Let’s understand what we can pair with them for the best results.

Just like all our other jeans, the super slim fit works with everything! The darker the jeans the better used they for styling up Urban in printed Polo shirts, or for that matter the Urban shirts in solids, print or bold graphic checks and stripes. The lighter, more washed down the jeans, the better they go with the Authentic line of shirts and polos.

With great slim fits from Mufti comes great retention of shape! Helping the jeans retain their fit over the years of loving wear is achieved by adding stretch to the fabric. They are washed by our artisans in laundries set up to deliver the best washes at their sustainable best.

So, that’s what it’s all about! The man that doesn’t abide by a uniform but makes his own, goes with the super slim fit jeans. Try on a pair at or at a Mufti store near you.

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