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Denim is irresistible. You can never have too many pairs of jeans. Mufti’s intense involvement in constantly innovating, lets you enjoy men’s jeans that go beyond the conventional trends. A homegrown brand, Mufti has been at it since the 90’s, bringing you the latest style in men’s clothing. Try on a pair of jeans to feel the comfort, fit, and superior fabric handle. Mufti introduced stretch jeans for men and they have been an instant hit with men across the country. With its roots in Mumbai, it is no surprise, that Mufti’s clothes have found some fans in Bollywood too! For over two decades now, Mufti has been among the first choices for men when they want to stand out. Taking a look at Mufti’s various fits, the Narrow-fit jeans offer style for the easygoing you, while the fun you might wanna slip into Mufti’s skinny jeans for men. The super-slim jeans are your best friend. He is with you no matter how you’re feeling. Mufti won’t leave you hanging with only our jeans. Pair them with a white polo T-shirt from Mufti and you’re sorted. But wait, there’s more! Our Re-tailored jeans have a fit like never before. Comfortable, so that you can ride all day. Stylish, so that you can wear it out too!

The best thing about denim jeans is the choice of multiple possible combinations that you can make. A pair of dark blue narrow jeans combined with a white shirt is a staple for every man out there. You can even mix it up with a pair of washed khaki jeans. Olive denim is fun too! Especially when combined with a light-colored shirts for men and a dark blazer over it to complete your winter look.

So why wait? The fashion world is now more approachable than ever and is accessible with the click of a button. With the easy-to-use filters to match your every need, you can find everything you’re looking for at Mufti.