Dress up your sweats with Pastel Winterwear

For a long time, sweatshirts were just sportswear merchandise that saw little visibility beyond the field. In India, the only way you could get access to one till as recently as the late ’90s and you would have been lucky to find one that was anything with more aesthetics than a big logo splattered across your chest or one that was available beyond the standard black, blue and white.
All this changed with the advent of social media and the cultural exchange it triggered. Sweatshirts are now a streetwear icon and fashion statement across the world. Today, thanks to Mufti, the humble sweatshirt is no longer humble. Available in a wide range of prints, it packs the personality and character of the Mufti man and is a flag bearer of self-expression.
The Mufti Men’s Sweatshirt collection reflects the indomitable spirit of our brand as it has grown and spread its wings since the turn of the century in 1998, a landmark year, that resonates through our collection. Embroidered, big and small, you see Airborne - a reflection of the free-spirited dreams that defines not just Mufti but also those of all our patrons. Mufti’s logo, a bird in flight, harks to the freedom of the unbounded sky just like our name.

Mufti’s new autumn-winter collection is as good a time as there has ever been to add a few sweatshirts to your daily rotation. From all-over prints to minimalist textured solids, there is something for everyone out there. To make it easier for you to shop, we have shortlisted our top three monochrome prints for you to choose from:

Logo Printed Sweatshirt 

This Mufti pure cotton sweatshirt in white is highlighted by Mufti’s signature Airborne logo in bold. The all-over typography print adds an extra dose of chicness to this crew-neck sweatshirt. Detailed with a ribbed bottom hemline and cuffs, this sweatshirt is the easiest way to make a remarkable statement on any casual outing. Pair it with your favourite denim or light-coloured chinos for an effortless ensemble.


Embroidered Sweatshirt

The Mufti colour block sweatshirt presents a striking blend of bold embroidery and off-white tones, a visual standout in any gathering. Crafted from a plush brushed-back fabric, it boasts the delicately embroidered Mufti bird logo. Infused with the brand's signature motifs, this piece exudes a sporty edge, offering exceptional style and comfort whether you're engaged in activity or relaxing at home. This garment's seamless fusion of duality and elegance showcases a versatile addition to your wardrobe, promising both aesthetic appeal and cosy wear. Perfectly balanced between casual allure and sophisticated detailing, it's an emblem of Mufti's commitment to blending modernity with comfort. Flaunt your unique style effortlessly with this contemporary sweatshirt, elevating your ensemble for any occasion.

Knitted Fleece Sweatshirt

Embrace the winds of winter with Mufti's pastel pink sweatshirt, blending cotton and polyester for comfortable warmth. Its embroidered chest detailing adds a touch of sophistication, effortlessly exuding understated elegance in every wear. Crafted for comfort, this sweatshirt's cotton-polyester blend ensures a snug feel throughout the day. The muted pastel shade offers versatility, perfect for casual outings or cosy evenings indoors. The chest embroidery, subtly embossed, imparts a refined charm, elevating the sweatshirt's aesthetic without being overly flamboyant. Mufti's attention to detail shines through, turning a simple wardrobe essential into a stylish statement piece. This sweatshirt embodies a balance of comfort and sophistication, making it a reliable choice for the modern gentleman seeking both warmth and understated fashion. Whether you're running errands or enjoying downtime, this pastel pink sweatshirt seamlessly blends comfort and elegance for a confident, relaxed look.

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