How to Wear the White Polo

The ‘uncle’ look is synonymous with polo t-shirts. Especially the white ones we are talking about today. These t-shirts will be found in most men’s wardrobes but are slowly losing their charm as we start feeling they are going out fashion. But guess what, what’s into fashion or out of fashion is not in anybody else’s hands than yours. So, if you feel the urge to wear the polo and get it back soaring into the daily lives of men (and you should in our opinion), then let’s get right into it!

Mufti polo t-shirts too, have been misunderstood for the longest time and their function as a no-brainer staple for ANY look has been forgotten, we are here to remind you of that.

1- The white Mufti polo t-shirt with Mufti’s jeans joggers or even the Mufti jeans keeps it easy and simple for the simple casual look. Have you ever thought of owning the vibe at a friendly lunch without being overly notable about it?

2- The white Mufti polo t-shirt’s uniqueness lies in it being comfortable in all weathers while blending in with every style of legwear. Wear it with the chinos to sport a smart-casual look for an informal dinner. Wearing a darker chino with the white Mufti polo t-shirt will be the only choice you’ll need to make.

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