Mufti Introduces 400050: The First Pincode in Style

Born in our Bandra, now hanging loose and oversized, fresh and modern, Mufti brings to you, the spirit of 400050 (Four Triple Oh Five Oh). With the launch of our sub-brand, we’ve added an air of newness to our approach. Our contemporary collection showcases oversized fits in jacquard weaves and embroideries, offering your wardrobe an elevated and relaxed take on modern summer style. 

Evocative, expressive, and effervescent, like the city itself, Mufti’s 400050 collection aims to encapsulate Bandra’s rich heritage and bustling energy. Just like Mufti was influenced by iconic landmarks of the city such as the Gateway of India, the graceful Black Kite, and the tranquil fishing boats in the Arabian Sea along its coast; each piece in this collection tells a story of Bandra’s unique charm and character.

Embedded within the ever-changing landscape of the city, Mufti's 400050 collection reflects the essence of Bandra, a vibrant cultural hub that serves as a sanctuary for the creative-minded. Bandra's vibrant streets, adorned with graffiti and steeped in history, offer a haven amidst the chaos of urban life—a place where one can rediscover their true self. Mufti's 400050 sub-brand marks a significant milestone in the brand's legacy, reaffirming its commitment to celebrating Mumbai’s vibrant identity and cultural richness.

400050 by Mufti
Proudly Indian
Proudly Mumbai
Proudly Bandra