Mufti Winterwear: With Our Warmest Regards

Defining elegance, particularly in everyday attire, is a nuanced task. It surpasses mere sartorial choices, delving into a subjective realm of personal expression. This is where Mufti, a trailblazing menswear brand, steps in, reshaping the landscape of contemporary fashion with audacious flair. Mufti emerges as the destination for men unafraid to articulate their vision of modern elegance.

The mere mention of Mufti evokes images of cutting-edge prints, a refined colour story,  silhouettes that make a statement, and special fabrics. From its inception, Mufti has been synonymous with creatively redefining elegance for the contemporary man. Mufti's commitment to modernity doesn't discard the allure of timeless classics; instead, it adeptly fuses traditional elements with a contemporary twist.

This departure from conventionality, coupled with purposeful design aesthetics and specially engineered fabrics, gives rise to a menswear narrative that subtly challenges norms, embodying the brand's distinctive approach to expressive clothing. Mufti's extensive collection encompasses everything from statement shirts to impeccably tailored trousers and utilitarian winter wear. This ensures that the spirit of bold elegance accompanies you every time you step out, crafting a narrative that speaks volumes.


Embrace the evolving seasons with a timeless wardrobe staple: the corduroy jacket. Shedding its outdated reputation, corduroy is making a triumphant return, and leading the resurgence is the classic jacket. With its rugged, ridged construction and inherent warmth, corduroy effortlessly combats the chill in style. Once linked to traditional academics, corduroy now assumes a prominent role in the fashion scene, showcasing its versatility and enduring appeal. The textured charm of the velvety fabric makes it an ideal choice for outerwear, offering both durability and a touch of sophistication.

Whether navigating upscale events or casual outings, a corduroy jacket effortlessly enhances your smart-casual style. Its seamless transition between dress codes establishes it as a must-have in every wardrobe. Embrace the cosy layers of the season while staying fashion-forward. As days shorten and temperatures drop, turn to the enduring appeal of corduroy. Trust this timeless fabric to keep you warm and stylish, embodying the perfect fusion of comfort and elegance. In the realm of men's fashion, the corduroy jacket transcends fleeting trends; it stands as a wardrobe essential that withstands the test of time.


Prepare yourself to face the coldest days of the winter with this puffer jacket. It's got all the puff to keep you toasty warm but stays as classic and fitted as possible. This jacket also lends a stylish vibe with its high neckline, all-over quilted pattern, twin zippered hand pockets and the contrast panelling in a classic brown. Style this with a trusty pair of Indigo denim deluxe jeans and reinvent your classics in Mufti. 


This versatile reversible puffer jacket is knitted and insulated for warmth, making a bold statement this season. Sporting two looks in one, this reversible jacket is a smart layering piece for winter, offering the best of both worlds. With not one, but two jewel-toned colours to choose from,  this jacket is sure to make an impression, whether you wear it to work or on weekends.


In the world of men's fashion, the suede jacket stands out as a timeless symbol of style, deserving a place in every wardrobe. Whether you prefer the rugged appeal of a suede biker or the classic sophistication of a traditional cut, these jackets effortlessly suit various occasions. Suede, with its unique blend of sophistication, flair, and versatility, adds a touch of refined luxury to your ensemble. At the Home of the Expressive, we strive to revisit classics and reinvent them with contemporary flair. Our grey suede biker jacket is the perfect piece that is tailored to dress up your ensemble with bold elegance for any occasion. As a reliable choice, the suede jacket goes beyond passing trends, becoming a staple in men's fashion. Striking the right balance between style and comfort, consider the suede jacket your reliable option for creating an ensemble that smoothly transitions from casual to refined. 

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