Mufti’s Peached Poplin Shirts

The soft, luxurious touch of Mufti peached poplin shirt is complimented by its heritage in being the erstwhile go-to fabric of the highest authority in the medieval western world – the Vatican. The fabric first came to use in 14th century France, in the city of Avignon, which was home to the papal residence during the period. What was then called papelino, French for the papal dressing, has today evolved to be the poplin. A perfect blend of durability, comfort and elegance, the poplin fabric has served a wide range of purposes throughout its history – from a staple for home upholstery to military uniforms during World War II.

Peaching (process): With a name derived from the velvety soft feel of a peach peel, this processing technique involves, quite literally, sanding the fabric. After the fabric is woven, it is dipped in a chemical compound, set out to dry and then brushed down to break the exterior of the fabric which helps to produce the fuzz that is associated with the soft feel of this technique.

Poplin (fabric): Poplin is a traditional, plain weave fabric that allows it to be extremely breathable and making it a perfect choice for a Mufti summer shirt. All this, without compromising on the sturdiness and rigidity of any other cotton shirt currently in your wardrobe. Add to it the unparalleled resistance to wrinkles and stains, and you have a fabric that is the perfect material for everyday urban life.

The Mufti peached poplin men’s shirt features intricate details with the Mufti bird embroidered on the chest pocket and a bold, contrast stitching on the collar that builds on the characteristic ostent of the poplin fabric. This lightweight, men’s shirt with a subtle sheen of luxury can hold its ground just as easily when layered with a suit as when paired with your everyday denim jeans and is always a joy to wear. Its attributes of being a wrinkle-free shirt allow you to throw it on at a moment’s notice and still look effortlessly cool on every occasion.

Quite honestly, the versatility of this shirt makes it difficult for us to limit our recommendation to a few specific occasions. All we can say is that if you are looking for a solid coloured summer shirt this season, nothing quite matches the sartorial shades of this Mufti peached poplin men’s shirt.

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