Mufti’s Taped Polos

The Polo is one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe. A true staple, it’s seen in clubs, sports arenas, beaches, and even restaurants as it dresses up your outfit while keeping you relaxed and casual.

Mufti’s taped polos offer cutting edge style for the urban Mufti man. These polos for men are minimalist in their approach to details. A zipped neck, and a multicolour taped side seam detail, make this polo urban and Mufti.

The tape also runs internally on the neck, so you know there is careful thought put into designing every piece at Mufti. The Mufti logo on this beautiful polo for men is embroidered in a multicoloured thread that picks its shades from the tapes used in the styling.

Colours in the urban line of Mufti are inspired and reflect a contemporary mood. The Taped polos for men come in five colours. The coated zipper with the matte finish is neat and gives a luxurious look making these polos an absolute favourite party wear. Moreover, the minute details under the zipper add to the attention to detail. That’s what Mufti’s Urban Taped Polo for men is all about, being stylish.

Ready to reinvent the Polo shirt with Mufti’s new Taped Polos for men? Go for the classy Taped Polo by Mufti at your nearest Mufti store or now.

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