Mufti’s Summer 22 Collection: ‘Spring in the Style’

It all begins with a thought of the quintessential Indian summer; one that starts with a short and subtle spring marked by the rare few days you can truly enjoy the sun before it all culminates into months of sweltering summer and incessant waves of heat. The Mufti Spring-Summer 2022 Collection signals the cheerful positivity, energetic excitement and an adventurous summer that beckons in the year to come. The collection is befitting not only the renewed sense of purpose marked by the easing of pandemic-related restrictions but also of an opportunity to reclaim one’s signature style codes that we might have left behind back in the pre-pandemic world. Like all those that came before, this Mufti Spring-Summer Collection inherits the indomitable Mufti DNA to look good – clothes that are tailored for a great fit to make you feel good and designed in sartorial codes to be confident of who you are.

Mufti authentic casual collection sees the continuation of the classic summer palette in nautical colours that feature as unique window-pane checks and highlight an alluring contrast of the nautical brights against the calming white in navy-inspired casual shirts for men. If you are instead looking for something sea-worthy, the timeless heritage of sailor-inspired polos, disguised as smart casuals with innovative patterns, in navy, red and white immediately adds a level of respectability and style to your everyday look. The nautical palette is furthered by the Mufti urban casuals shirt collection with new geometric prints, indigo-resembling stripes and all-over-print florals that encourage the Mufti Man to take a more relaxed approach in their day-to-day outfit.

Yellow has been a formidable colour of the season for a while now and the new Mufti Sunshine Yellow casual shirt collection is all about buttoning down the boredom of the classic stripe shirt for men. Cut to a fit that works from mornings at the work desk to a cocktail evening by the pool, these striped casual shirts with an innovative yet less-in-your-face pattern is exactly what the Mufti Man deserves. Last season, Mufti championed a new camo print and now, we are going even bigger! With newer prints, bolder colours and even a subtle but unmissable collar detail, there is a new camo print for as loud or as subtle you like it to be.

Mufti Spring Summer ‘22 Collection also marks the dawn of a new era in bottom wear with our signature denims and chinos now available in a range of coloured options that make it easier to pair your favourite shirts and tees with. That, with the latest drops in Mufti Sneaker Collection, round up to make dressing for the summer easier than ever before.


Every season, we at Mufti strive to deliver creative excellence through Mufti’s bold and expressive style while being contemporary and innovative at heart and this season is no different. From military-badged polos to reflective patches for athleisure to an exhaustive range in fabric – cotton linen, peached poplin, lightweight cambric and many, many more, the Mufti Spring Summer ‘22 Collection is an adventure worthy of your exploration; a rewarding one that deserves making new room in your wardrobe to mark the beginning of the new normal. Kickstart your adventure on or at your nearest Mufti store starting today!

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