Mufti’s Monochrome Summer

Urban, Authentic and Relaxed – the three lifestyle offerings for Mufti man address all needs and moments of life, to set up the perfect wardrobe. Across the vintage inspired Authentic, the casual and elegant Relaxed, to the Urban dressed up needs of our patrons, Mufti offers a monochrome range to suit every need, be it casual day, holiday, evening, work or just a chill day at brunch with friends. 

Playing different roles at different times while maintaining comfort, style and ease, the Mufti man derives this versatility from nature itself. Just like the monochrome moon changes shape and radiance through the month, our personalities have various facets which come to the front at different times too. Mufti is doing Monochrome Black & White Shirts For Men & White & Black T-shirts For Men across the three categories of Urban, Authentic & Relaxed to let all sides of the Mufti man’s persona come to light in the most refined manner.

If you are dressing up for clubbing, or if the outing is just about a breezy drive in Goa, there’s a magical monochrome for every occasion. You’ve got the stylish urban Polka dot print or black & white check shirts for men which are more urban with a sleek, city-like charm to them with the structured approach to design, whereas, on the other hand, there are the more relaxed polos for easy evenings. The ultra-masculine Authentic shirts for men in monochrome cannot be ignored either. The epaulettes, pocket flaps and folded sleeves with metal details and buttons give way to a strong military and vintage-inspired look. The Mufti man’s classic aura resonates perfectly with these authentic details of Summer Spring monochromes.

Monochrome maybe just a play between black and white, but certainly isn’t boring or easily exhaustive Mufti’s take in varied styles on it. Choose your blacks and whites from a host of options across solids, prints, stripes and checks when it comes to pattern. On categories choose from shirts, t-shirts, jeans and chinos; and when it comes to fabric, choose from cotton lightweights to peached poplins, from Cotton linen to stretch with technical modern hand-feel, and from DDL Jeans to our special stretch jeans with high shape recovery and retention. Head out to your nearest Mufti store or check out the monochrome shirts for men and also the T-shirts for men at to pick your summer spring favourite.

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