Indigo Forever

It can be said that Authentic is inspired by Denim Jeans. And Denim as we all know gets all its charm from Indigo. Indigo is a dye, a colour but more than that it’s a statement. An age-old technique that has been there in the oriental part of the globe and has travelled to Europe where the name Denim and Jeans were ultimately coined.

There isn’t just one apparel that Indigo is limited to, but it covers the entire range of our offering at Mufti. Moreover, in a variety of shirts, especially at Mufti. From railroad stripes, inspired by worker uniforms, to solid indigos to the authentic inspired western shirts for men or cowboy shirts for men which can be seen as a homage to the likes of Clint Eastwood – the epitome of the western cowboy masculinity.

Although Indigo has the dubious history of being forcefully cultivated in colonies like India due to the high demand around the world; at Mufti we source our indigo fabrics responsibly, and the authentic washes are developed by keen and highly trained artisans and craftsmen at our world class laundries.

The list of Indigo denim shirts just doesn’t end while there’s also the indigo check shirts for men along with stripes and prints. The variety of fabrics available in the Indigo line at Mufti is a sign of their entire range of fabrics itself. And rightly so, as these fabrics work as a statement for the authentic man on several different occasions. Be it work, or a relaxed day, the solid Indigos that can be worn under a suit or even by themselves are the choice of pioneers. Moreover, with the Japanese inspired indigo prints, you can be assured that there is a Mufti Indigo forever daring outcast out there waiting to ride out into the new world.

Ready to ride in blue? Check out our wide Indigo collection at your nearest Mufti store or right away and pick your Authentic fabric.

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