Mufti’s Sunshine Yellow Stripes

Think of stripes and one’s imagination immediately zeroes down to corporate honchos in a plaid pastel blue. The unimaginative investment banker, with a buttoned-up and tucked-in shirt, sitting in his corner office is a predictable cliché that has been furthered by television decade after decade. This summer, we at Mufti, aspire to button down the boredom of the classic stripe shirt for men with a touch of sunshine yellow to bring in our new seasonal collection and just in time for the new year.


If you thought smart dressing and casual appearance are mutually exclusive styles, then this Mufti striped casual shirt calls for you to think again. It brings together these two seemingly opposite styles effortlessly in a single look that just feels right. Bringing together elements otherwise exclusive to them individually – comfort, well-tailored, versatile and classic menswear, this smart-casual shirt for men is an essential in every man’s wardrobe. Confused when invited to an event with a dress code of smart casuals? Pair this striped shirt, tucked in and sleeves rolled up till the forearms, with smart chinos or formal trousers for an ensemble that is defining of this otherwise confusing dress code.


Dressing down for the weekend sounds easy. But try to add the quest to also look effortlessly cool and one needs to make a significantly more effort. We, at Mufti, took this challenge to heart to create a shirt that can easily slide into your weekend wardrobe. Whether you are lounging on the sofa watching Netflix or at the poolside on a weekend getaway from the city, Mufti striped casual shirt will have you looking casually cool, especially when worn with a button (or two) unbuttoned. Nothing better than the interplay of this white casual shirt with yellow or orange stripes, depending on which one you choose, to portray an image of casually being in touch with the impeccable shades of fashion. Weekends call for relaxation and the candy stripes on this casual shirt for men with the less-in-your-face pattern is exactly what the weekend deserves.


Today, the rapidly evolving nature of the workplace, as it recovers from a culture of dressing down when working from home, favours more casual and flexible workwear. Mufti’s casual shirts helps you ease into this transition and keep it simple with timeless staples for your weekday wardrobe. Mufti striped casual shirt is a sartorial stamp of professionalism that conveys confidence and comfort – whether you are in the boardroom or by the water cooler. Dyed in a pleasing sunshine yellow, we encourage the Mufti Man to take a more relaxed approach to the day-to-day outfit and highlights your unique personal aesthetics in a world of blues, blacks and greys. Casual clothing would not be casual without a pair of classic denim jeans which best complement this striped casual shirt on every day of the week.

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