Mufti’s Rugby Striped Shirts

The rugby shirt has long transcended the muddy image of being soiled and bloodied on the rugby field to be an everyday staple for every well-dressed man – from streetwear enthusiasts to classic prep dressers. It is abundant in contemporary and classic style, equally, and is the quintessential piece of men’s winter wardrobe. Today, as athleisure grips the world, there is no other piece of clothing that can walk the fine line between staying on trend and in vogue.

The Mufti Rugby Stripe Flannel Shirt takes inspiration from this classic preppy style of dressing to add a sartorial flair to your wardrobe this winter. Channel your athletic self, without actually stepping onto the field, with the bold horizontal stripes and refreshing shades of red and blue. It features a unique Mufti Crest that can be mistaken for a sporting crest for a touch of the athleisure look in the most indoor setting.

But there is more to this Mufti casual shirt for men than just the rugby stripes. Crafted in a unique, lightweight flannel this rugby striped casual shirt is just as cosy as it is classic.

Few pieces of clothing feel as comfortable and look as presentable as the flannel shirt once the temperatures start dropping marking the onset of winter. The brushed, cotton fabric has an excellent, soft hand-feel and keeps you as warm as you want to be. This men’s casual shirt with a soft, brushed texture ensures it is your most comfortable shirt of the season. We, at Mufti, work with a unique lightweight flannel adapted to suit the versatility of winter in our country. Its wide-ranging appeal is just as alluring in Mumbai as it is comforting in Delhi.

The Mufti rugby striped shirt is rooted in prep – all about confidence, classic motifs and not taking yourself too seriously. It can be classic on a weekday meeting, laid-back on a Sunday brunch or serious rock n roll on the dance floor. Find out for yourself at the nearest Mufti Store or find it on

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