Mufti’s Lightweight Summer Shirts

 After a warm humid day, the cosy night embraces the summer world. The summer night has a charm of its own which usually calls for magnificent night outs. The stars are out and quite naturally you plan on heading out with friends.

The breeze is flowing through your hair and the last thing you want is a sweaty torso and discomfort. Just in case you are wondering which fabric can take care of ease and comfort in the hot summer weather, we are here. That’s exactly what Mufti’s City Lights Lightweight Casual Shirts for Men do. 

These dressed-up yet lightweight smart casual Mufti shirts epitomise comfort coupled with a fine look. Urban in every sense, these fabrics are engineered to retain their shape and clean look while remaining lightweight and supple. These urban shirts work best tucked into a pair of pencil fit chinos or Mufti’s much loved DDL jeans for a semi-formal look, on a clubbing night or a dinner plan. 


The City Lights Lightweight Casual Shirts for Men are clean in look, light in the feel and suave in their fit. Moreover, they come in various colours and patterns perfectly complimenting the light-spirited and charming personality of the Mufti man.

From Navy and White fine checks to having their counterparts with an innovative check design with the symmetrical combination of thick and thin lines in Charcoal colour as well, the City Lights collection is an ultra-elegant modern fabric. However, despite it having the minimalist details of neon hues and geometric designs, Mufti makes sure to keep the light-hearted, calm and serene side of these Lightweight shirts for men intact by using a slender fabric. 


Ready to own the Summer night with Mufti’s City Lights? Head out to your nearest Mufti store or to get your Lightweight Shirts now.

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