Not Your Normal Camo

The military-inspired authentic camo has forever been a standard design, but Mufti can be said to be the pioneer of personalising this alpha fabric. Times have changed and camos have come a long way from being just battle uniforms.

They are now seen as the Go-To Casual shirts for men.

We can see people sporting camo shirts for men in the urban streets today, and why not? It’s the whole sense of duty and discipline that the camo reflects and hence every man deserves to try on a camo shirt. But sometimes, the same old standard camo design can be limiting for a universal taste. To curb this limitation, Mufti has come up with a camo shirt for men, for every occasion.

The Animal Print Inspired Camo comes in the lightweight cambric fabric blurring the line between authentic and relaxed. These come with an authentic design and metallic elements, but the extremely light fabric makes them ideal to wear even in the tropical seasons with comfort even in slim-fit. On the other hand, there’s the Artisanal Camo which comes in a heavier twill base fabric, with artistic authentic designs, like the paint splatter over the buttons. The embroidery details on the inside, metallic details over the buttons and epaulettes make the authenticity stand out boldly.

The rugged look of these camos combined with the pleasant fabrics makes for a killer combination with the Mufti man’s personality. After all, Mufti’s known to play around with the most serious designs of the camo and make them enticing enough even for the non-military palate for men from all walks of life and make them want to buy shirts online.

Hence, we claim – there’s a camo shirt for every man out there. Don’t believe us? Check out our collection of charismatic designs in this category at or in any of our store and you’ll be surprised.

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