Not Your Normal Polka

It’s rightly said that the most attractive thing a man can wear is a smile. Now, imagine a man who can not only wear but spread smiles. It wouldn’t be too much to say that the Polka dot print is invariably the formula for spreading a smile on anyone’s face as they see you. The happy vibe is the Polka’s signature.


Starting from bowties and kerchiefs, the polka dot fashion has come a long away over two centuries. Polka dots are essentially classic and have survived through various changes in fashion trends, tastes and taboos. It’s a constant light-hearted companion in the print section that not only makes the urban look peppy but also brings in the fun element effortlessly.

The Mufti man’s confidence in himself is what sets him apart, and the Polka dots perfectly reflect that. Just like slim-fit shirts, even though it started as a feminine style, sooner than later it was accepted universally and also became a symbol of confidence during the disco era. There’s nothing more charming than an ode to a retro style, especially with the Polka shirt for men.

Dance, fun and joy – that’s what the Polka dots stand for, and in the Urban section of Mufti’s Printed Spring Summer collection these fabrics truly stand out. Be it shirts or collared t-shirts, there’s a Polka for every fun-loving man out there. The black-on-white and white-on-black variants for the button-down shirts for men with Mufti’s bird logo make for a perfect party look while the same combination on the t-shirts for men underlines a much more relaxed outing.

Maintaining the fine urban feel, Mufti’s Polka printed shirt for men will carry you perfectly across summer nights, brunch days, or even the informal work environments. So, head on to Mufti’s nearest store or to pick up your Polka now.

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