Stripes Are Back














Very few fabrics have, what we can call, an enduring lineage and history. Undoubtedly, the Stripes are the Kings in this context. These are some of the oldest woven textiles to have stood the test of time. However, what makes them so relevant even today is their connection with the people and their daily lives.


Stripes are bold and daring, making them impossible to go unnoticed. You cannot confine a man with stripes down into a box. He is here to set the world free from all restrictions. Stripes are a symbol of freedom of the human spirit and are perfect for the Mufti man ready to make new rules and venture into the unknown with confidence and charm, he is a victor.






































They owe a part of their heritage to the military influence of the French Navy uniform where each stripe signified a win for Napoleon. Inspired by this vivid cultural blend of achievement and its lineage of freedom, Mufti’s stripes have been designed in ways true to their origin. The summers are all about freedom.






































With our Casual Summer Striped Shirts collection, the Mufti man’s options when it comes to stripes aren’t limited. These come in urban, authentic, and relaxed options, varying in styles and moods according to the occasion. However, the catch here is that this variety isn’t only reflected through the colours, design, cut, and fit of these stripes shirts, but also through the fabrics. The cambric lightweight fabric makes for an easy striped shirt for a summer stroll along the beach, whereas the peached poplin ensures the right feel for a night out.






































If it’s sand on the beach welcoming the explorer in you, or the cool breeze of a summer night carrying your soul, we’ve got you covered with the striped shirts ready to set you free. Are you game? Head on to a Mufti Store for all our striped variants.


































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