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Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I’ll rise. ~ Maya Angelou


Drawing inspiration from the majestic term “Airborne,” Mufti pays a soaring tribute to the valiant Military and their unwavering courage. Each garment in our collection becomes a canvas to exude this soulful essence. “Airborne since 1998” proudly resonates with Mufti’s founding, embodying the resolute spirit of fearless warriors. For over two decades, we’ve celebrated the audacious Mufti man, rooted in the tenacity of armed forces. With a rugged and resilient spirit, we pay tribute to those brave souls who’ve left an indelible mark on history. Each thread weaves the untamed courage that defines our brand, celebrating the indomitable spirit of the fearless.


Engraved upon the very fabric of each unique piece within our logo printed collection, lies a profound symbol of unyielding fortitude. Just as the graceful Mufti bird soars fearlessly through the skies, emblematic of our brand’s journey, these garments bestow upon every wearer an unspoken gift—the embodiment of a David-like resilience and unwavering valour. As each man dons these garments, they become inheritor of this unbreakable resolve, ready to face any adversity head-on, with the courage to conquer challenges and persistently stride forward. With every thread woven into the fabric, we silently impart the essence of endurance—the very strength that has characterised the most exceptional warriors throughout history. The resilient ethos that courses through each garment, intertwined with our brand’s identity, propels every man to take flight—guided by the wings of determination, fueled by the tenacity of the Military-inspired Mufti man. Just as the Mufti bird conquers the skies with grace, our logo printed collection transforms each individual into an embodiment of courage, an unshakeable force that propels them to conquer their aspirations, one fearless stride at a time. This is the legacy we weave into every fibre, and the spirit that endures for generations, always, “Airborne since 1998.”


Logo Printed Badged Polos



Logo Printed Badged Polos Logo Printed Badged Polos


Our Orange & White Cut & Sew Pique Polo T-Shirt is a striking garment that captures the essence of military aesthetics through intricately embroidered badges. These badges symbolise military motifs, infusing the polo with authenticity and unique character. The design elicits a profound sense of adventure, bravery, and camaraderie, reminiscent of the spirit found in the armed forces. Meticulously crafted, these badges, paired with our embroidered tagline, ‘Airborne since 1998’, pays homage to historical military traditions and the spirit of service and valour. By wearing this polo, individuals can express their respect for military history or showcase their adventurous spirit and appreciation for distinctive fashion. This thoughtfully designed polo serves as more than just clothing; it becomes a statement of personal values and an opportunity to honour the legacy of those who have served in the military.


Logo Embroidered Solid Shirt


 Logo Embroidered Solid Shirt Logo Embroidered Solid Shirt


This Blue Cotton Plain Shirt is an essential addition to your wardrobe, offering a subtle yet captivating pop of colour to elevate your ensemble. Crafted from 100% cotton, this shirt boasts both comfort and style. What sets it apart is the striking motorsport-inspired badge intricately embroidered on the fabric, adding a touch of uniqueness to its otherwise understated design. Furthermore, the incorporation of colourful twill-detailed taping along the side-seam brings a contemporary twist to this timeless classic piece. Reflective of our brand’s core values of revisiting and reinventing, this shirt embodies a perfect harmony between tradition and innovation. It’s a versatile and sophisticated garment that seamlessly fits any occasion, making it a true wardrobe staple.


Logo Embroidered Jersey Slub T-Shirt


Logo Embroidered Jersey Slub T-Shirt Logo Embroidered Jersey Slub T-Shirt


Elevate your wardrobe with the Olive Solid Slub Jersey Graphic T-shirt, offering a distinctive twist on the classic crew neck. This tee stands out with its effervescent style, injecting instant dimension to your ensemble. Crafted from Slub jersey fabric, it exudes a subtle texture and superior comfort. The iconic Black kite, native to Mumbai, serves as a captivating graphic element, infusing the shirt with a genuine Mumbaikar essence. Embracing both tradition and modernity, this unique tee is a testament to cultural diversity and individuality. Invest in this piece to make a bold fashion statement while celebrating the vibrant spirit of Mumbai, a true reflection of your dynamic personality.


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