Fresh Ways To Wear Denim This Summer

There is no disputing the trusty denim shirt’s place in every well-dressed man’s wardrobe. For decades now,  the iconic denim shirt has been championed for its versatility that can comfortably walk the line between work and casual effortlessly. A heritage clothing staple, Mufti has reimagined this classic piece of shirting that reflects our perseverance to do things a little differently.



Denim shirts, cut out of a simple textile with remarkably humble origins, have had an impressive journey that is deserving of a Hollywood blockbuster in itself. Authentic Americana, the denim shirt started out as the go-to outfit for cowboys in the American West who elevated the appeal of denim with their portrayal of authentic, rugged spirit. Hollywood propelled the denim shirt to be the badge of individualism and counter-culture – think Steve McQueen, in his double denim ensemble, admired for his anti-hero bravado and a bonafide bad-boy of cinema. 



In every decade, the denim shirt has been reimagined and adapted in innumerable different ways. From championing cultural diversity on the streets of New York to stealing the spotlight on the fashion ramps of Milan, this ubiquitous piece of clothing has seen it all.



At the heart of Mufti’s Denim Shirt collection is the breadth of creative interpretations that the denim shirt offers to our designers to develop individualistic and relevant iterations whilst sticking to its origins. Mufti’s Denim Shirt collection reflects our inspiration from the authentic American West that is interpreted in an expressive rather than literal way.

Made with pure, sartorial inspiration, Mufti’s Deep Indigo Blue & White Stitch Check Denim Shirt is our depiction of when denim, the icon of masculinity meets contemporary elements of style. With a mandarin collar and a contrast white stitching detail, this modern denim shirt almost passes as a dress shirt – one you can confidently wear for everything from a cocktail evening to a dinner date. If there ever is a denim shirt that you can confidently tuck in for smart casual dressing, this is the one.

With a traditional fit and two chest pockets, much like the original, this Indigo Blue Slim Fit Casual Shirt has all the hallmarks of classic Americana. Adapted to the tropical climate with a short-sleeved silhouette, the popularity of this denim shirt can be attributed to its incredible versatility. Can you wear one during the week? Of course. Can you wear one on the weekends? You bet. This is the kind of shirt that is an effortless choice when stepping out for almost any occasion.

Mufti’s Dark Indigo Blue & White Windowpane Check Denim Shirt sits at the coveted intersection of two menswear icons – checks pattern and denim fabric. Pulling inspiration from two signature aesthetics, this men’s casual shirt will take you from early mornings at work to late-night dinner effortlessly. A reputation for versatility has to be earned, and rest assured: the denim shirt didn’t cut any corners. Mufti’s Indigo Blue & Pink Large Check Denim Shirt is perfect for the summery seasons ahead – blending light-wash denim with pastel shades of pink. One of the main appeals of Mufti’s denim shirt collection is it’s so easy to wear and our choice of prints and the colours are a big part of that appeal.

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