Mufti’s Guide to Summer Shirts

The sweltering Indian summer is finally upon us. The season of short sleeves, breathable fabrics, bright colours and breathable bottom wear. And seeing how the weather is just getting warmer each week, it’s best to be prepared for the many warm days ahead. Mufti’s short-sleeved shirts wholly embody this summer spirit with bright colours, expressive patterns, summer fits and lightweight fabrics.


Mufti’s inspiration for the summer aesthetic is composed of very simple pieces that boldly stand out. Prints inspired by the ultimate summer holiday and yet, extremely relevant in your weekday rotation. Your summer wardrobe will never be the same again with this evocative selection of Mufti’s short-sleeved shirts which call for a cheeky irreverence to any existing norms of summer dressing.


A casual alternative to the button-down, Mufti’s camp collar shirt is versatile enough to be used as a laid-back option on a summer holiday but also dressy enough for when the occasion calls for it. With a unique nautical-inspired print, Mufti’s bandana print casual shirt exudes a definitive outdoor vibe that will have you longing for a day at sea. The all-over print is an artistic twist on contemporary motifs that is perfect for a beach-going vibe.


Resort stripes are a testament to the fact that stripes don’t have to be basic. Mufti’s resort stripe short-sleeved shirts offer the perfect amount of personality to liven up your summer outfit. Playing with the widths, the contrasting colours and the pattern itself adds excitement and interest to an otherwise simple design. At Mufti, you will find something that is as simple or as bold as you would like it to be – from distinctive patterns to refreshingly bright colours. Wear it on its own or layer it with a basic tee, the resort stripe shirt is versatile enough to match up to any occasion you throw at it.


From having to pick matching colours that go well to worrying about the clash of prints, there is a lot to think about when dressing up for the ultimate summer vibe. Matching coordinates or co-ords, are an effortless way to dress up in style without having to put much thought. Think of it as your holiday uniform – one that is exceptionally stylish and sure to turn heads. Mufti’s all-over print co-ord sets strike the right balance between informality and elegance with a selection of remarkably distinctive prints. Whether you choose to go with abstract geometry or a hand-drawn sketch, these co-ord sets are a holiday sartorial statement at their very best.

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