Mufti’s New Nauticals

A study on the origins of nautical fashion is a study of history itself – closely tied to the historic voyages, the great wars and iconic world leaders who have shaped the world we live in today. The origins of nautical fashion date back to the early 1700s and coincide with the advent of oceanic explorations by Great Britain’s Royal Navy. While British fashion has always revered all things seaworthy, sailor-inspired clothing shot to unparalleled popularity when in 1846 Queen Victoria dressed her eldest son, Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales, in a specially commissioned miniature sailor’s suit. This royal favour launched an enduring trend of nautical clothing – colours, patterns and motifs being seen as a mark of status, power and a fine choice in fashion.

If you thought that camouflage patterns and earthy colours are the only inheritance that the armed forces have gifted the world of fashion, think again. In contrast to the olive and khaki of the military, the naval forces inspired us with hues of white, red and blues. Breton Stripes, now a sartorial staple, began its journey as a seafarers clothing in the French Navy. Nautical clothing has been adopted in fashion both – as a symbol of national pride and as a symbol of solidarity. Over the years, nautical fashion has gone from being exclusive to sailors to beachwear to an elevated, everyday style that is chic and effortless.

With so much navy-inspired heritage to pull from, we at the Mufti endeavoured to create a casual shirt that breaks away from the old conventions and yet be styled as a full nautical tribute. Traditionally limited to solids and horizontal stripes, we adapted the Mufti nautical casual shirt to feature unique window-pane checks that highlight an alluring contrast of the nautical brights against a calming white. Available in red and blue, the quintessential nautical colours, this casual shirt for men is probably the easiest nautical fashion element to add to your existing wardrobe.

The Mufti nautical casual shirt is cut from lightweight fabric to be centred around the principles of simplicity and practicality, as any clothing worn by members of the armed forces had to be functional above anything else. History dictates that nautical clothing should, foremost, keep sailors warm. However, today, its adoption into men’s workwear and casual wear wardrobe required us to reimagine the fabric for the Mufti nautical casual shirt. The lightweight, breathable fabric of this casual shirt for men allows the Mufti Man to stay breezy even when not at sea.


All serve as a reminder that come summer, you can never go wrong by going a little nautical. The timeless heritage of this sailor-inspired clothing immediately adds a level of respectability and style to your everyday look. 

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