Style your Linen the right way

The fabric which is looked up by everyone but a very few of them can actually pull it off in style is Linen. That’s only logic as it can’t be put in the same basket as the normal combinations of the casuals. It wouldn’t be too much to call it the platinum fabric of the casual look. 


Well, there are various linen shirts which can be styled for different moods: 


1- The white linen. Make sure it fits perfectly, going for a loose fit on this light breathable fabric will only make the look shoddy. Pair this with the blue Mufti DDL jeans for the sharp look along with those shoes from the mufti online store. 

2- Checked linen shirts are the perfect blend for a late evening chilling session with friends. Pair this with the Mufti jeans joggers or chinos and the casual sneakers. 

3- The layered-linen. This one’s tricky, and it’s so easy to get this wrong. The linen won’t give you a classy finished look but a rather relaxed beachy look and it is best matched with either blue or white bottoms. Having a colour detail on the shirt helps too!



Linen may not be worn by many and hence may not seem to be the fabric for you, but decide that only after trying these looks out on yourself. 


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