5 Mufti Shirts For A Stylish Winter

When it comes to dressing seasons, the Indian Winter is the best time of the year to dress up and look your fashionable best. The unique nature of our country’s mild winter allows us to step out in something as simple and staple as a really good shirt without having to freeze. Depending on where you stay, you can also risk leaving a button unbuttoned or pair with a scarf or Mufti’s lightweight jacket. If you are looking to experiment with new fabrics, patterns or prints, there is no better season than this to add a selection of Mufti’s signature shirts to your daily rotation.


Whether is a festive family celebration at home or a cocktail dinner party at your favourite bar or simply an important meeting at work, your shirt has you covered. Easy to wear, simply grab one of the hangers and pair it with your favourite pair of denim jeans or chinos – they always work.

Madras Check Casual Shirt


The check pattern is one of the most basic prints when it comes to shirts. Everyone from your grandfather to your younger self has had a check pattern shirt. Elevate this otherwise monotonous print with Mufti’s Madras Check Shirt that adds a modern flair to your workwear. The distinctive colour combination is sure to add a vibrant touch to your winter wardrobe and offers a refreshing change from the white and light blue. It is an ideal choice for those looking to stay classy and in style all day.

Solid Corduroy Casual Shirt 


When it comes to men’s dressing, there are few fabrics that offer the luxurious feel and a premium touch as corduroy. Mufti’s Lightweight Corduroy Shirts are crafted from a unique fabric that offers maximum cosiness and style without compromising on wearing comfort. This one is an easy pick for all the festive occasions where the textured corduroy fabric will ensure you look really, really good without having to break a sweat.

Linen Check Casual Shirt


Sure, linen is often hailed as a summer fabric. But India’s rather mild winter makes this a great option for the colder months too. The unique construction of this Mufti Linen Check Shirt ensures that it is extremely breathable which makes it the perfect choice when you are looking to layer under a sweater or a jacket. The timeless style of the textured linen looks so good, you can still wear it on its own on the warmer days of the season.

Military Badged Casual Shirt


If you must wear a short-sleeved shirt this season, let it be this one. Crafted from cotton, this Mufti Military Badged Shirt is a rugged one with military inspirations that add solid character to the wearer. It bears all hallmarks of an authentic, military-style – from a light olive hue to twin patch pockets and from shoulder epaulettes to an embroidered chest patch. Paired best with utilitarian cargo trousers, this shirt makes for great work wear every day of the week.

Micro Check Urban Casual Shirt


If you are a black shirt lover, like most men are, then this one is sure to be your favourite shirt of this season. Drop your solid blacks in favour of this modern, micro check shirt with a contrasting pattern that upgrades your favourite black look to a dapper evening style.

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