Airborne Since 1998

The word Airborne which means “carried through the air” is an ode to the Military and the undefeated spirit of being courageous. Mufti is inspired by this Military spirit and all our fabrics bear this soul on them in one way or the other. 


Usually, this homage to the military man can be seen in the finer details which undeniably give it a Military feel, but the Airborne special vintage dyed overdyed t-shirts for men stand out entirely as the name itself suggests it’s crude and deep Military reverence. There are very few clothes that proclaim this homage as boldly as the Airborne special vintage dyed overdyed t-shirts for men. 

The vintage inspired print and authentic design make it one powerful fashion statement in our Authentic category which is unmatchable. The subtle fade of the graphic which the casual, bold and easy t-shirts for men, are known to lend itself to the true hand-made feel on this fabric. The personality of the men in uniform reflects through the design where the Mufti logo is done in a loud fashion, unlike most other designs where it’s blended in the print or is done in a smart way to merge in the overall design. Mufti’s logo which speaks of rugged masculinity triumphs powerfully to define the overall look of this t-shirt for men.

On the contrary here, the Mufti logo is very consciously made the centre of the Military spirit as it reflects the essence of victory and courage. More so, “1998” marked the year of the birth of Mufti and hence that year beams right below the logo. This ultra-masculine design on a crew neck t-shirt for men makes it purely authentic in every sense to drive the message – to rise and shine every day simply and clearly. The comfortable fit coming from the slub fabric, also recreates the period feel through the slight gradient in the wash due to the fabric’s inconsistent thickness. The subtle depth and lightness of the dye are due to this which forms the heart of this garment.

The “Airborne since 1998” t-shirts are for the Mufti man ready to take every challenge head-on and charge into the new world with a renewed energy. Grab your own Airborne at the nearest Mufti store or right away.

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