Beat Summer Blues in Mufti

Mufti’s Blue Reverie collection is a sartorial voyage into redefining menswear classics like navy blue, rust, mustard and stone by modernising them to be elevated and expressive. Mufti revisits classics in order to resonate with global fashion trends as well as the sensibilities of casualwear for men in India. From the serious settings of corporate boardrooms to the sunlit streets of relaxed gatherings, blue stands as an invincible guardian of style and substance. 

Embark on a sartorial voyage with Mufti as we unveil our Spring Summer '24 Collection, the Blue Reverie. Inspired by maritime history, the colour Navy emerges as a symbol of authority and enduring style. Each garment in this collection tells a story of adaptability and charm, resonating through the contemporary canvas of men's fashion. Blue Reverie effortlessly transitions from formal settings to casual ease, from corporate boardrooms to sunlit gatherings, speaking a language of confidence and style. Join us on this journey where the harmonious hues of blue redefine sophistication and substance. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of men's fashion, Mufti's Spring Summer ‘24 Collection stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to creating garments with timeless style. As the seasons shift from the invigorating embrace of spring to the balmy climes of summer, Mufti's shirts undergo a transformation, redefining style with a nuanced approach. Our thoughtfully engineered fabrics are not only functional but also adaptable, discreetly concealing sweat, ensuring comfort even in the sweltering heat. The Blue Reverie collection attests to Mufti's keen understanding of the modern man's dynamic lifestyle in the sweltering Indian summer, effortlessly fusing style with functionality.

Our Blue Reverie collection this summer epitomises the brand's unwavering commitment to elevating men's fashion. This collection achieves a delicate balance between comfort and elegance, presenting Navy Blue as a practical yet expressive choice for the discerning gentleman. Encouraging a departure from the mundane, Mufti invites men to embrace the charisma of navy, transcending trends and establishing a statement of timeless appeal, and reinventing menswear classics. 

Turn your bustling workplace into a laid-back rendezvous by wearing a shirt from our Blue Reverie collection exuding confidence and elevated urban style. Crafted from premium fabrics with Indian summers in mind, these shirts offer more than a sophisticated appearance; they provide a welcome respite, allowing you to maintain your style even as temperatures rise. 

The versatility of a Mufti Blue Reverie shirt extends to its effortless pairing with light-coloured trousers, unlocking a plethora of looks that transition seamlessly from the structured confines of the office to the relaxed ambiance of after-work gatherings. Leaving the shirt unbuttoned, rolling up sleeves, and pairing it with Mufti's classic-coloured chinos or rugged denim adds a touch of casual sophistication. The Blue Reverie collection, in its unassuming simplicity, orchestrates a harmonious blend of style and substance. In the vast spectrum of men's summer style, Mufti's Blue Reverie stands as an emblem of adaptability, surpassing conventional fashion boundaries. As individuals embrace the enduring charm of Blue Reverie, Mufti gracefully assumes the role of a guide through a season of contemporary flair. This collection transcends mere clothing; it is a narrative of self-expression, allowing the modern man to paint his unique style story on the vibrant palette of spring and summer.

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