Summer Checks

While there may be many styles of checkered shirts from buffalo to tartan available, choosing the right one for you and then pairing them with the correct layers can be a task. However, that is exactly what makes or breaks a look – the pairing.

Be it any of the checks, we feel diving into some of the visionary styles of wearing the checks this summer is essential:

1- Checkered shirts. You can pair them up with plain tees for maximum impact and plain overcoats and chinos for a smart-casual look. However, a plain tee would get you right from the cabin of the corporates to your summer cabin.

1- Checkered suits. The epic and elegant office look goes perfectly with tartan checks on the coat while the shirt and trousers remain clean.

3- The checkered overshirt is one of the coolest layering techniques for an easy outing with friends. Don’t miss out the sneakers and plain t-shirt going with that and possibly a funky cap too.

However, no matter what kind of checks you choose – the bigger and bolder ones or the fine and detailed ones, remembers to mix it up according to your unique taste. Although checks look rigid, they shouldn’t cage your fashion beast in any way.

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