Elevate Your Autumn Wardrobe with Understated Fall Pastels

Amidst the balmy embrace of tropical Indian winters, Mufti unveils its Autumn Winter 2023 collection, a stunning fusion of classic elegance and contemporary flair that reflects the unique essence of this season. Drawing inspiration from the soothing pastel hues, our collection promises to redefine winter style for the discerning Indian palette, tailored to the subtleties of a milder climate. These softer shades, thoughtfully curated to harmonise with the tropical winter backdrop, evoke a sense of comfort and sophistication. By embracing the otherwise bold colours in their muted incarnations, Mufti brings together the traditional and the modern in perfect harmony.


Pastels, with their timeless allure, find a fresh and invigorating expression in our designs. These colours, synonymous with versatility, seamlessly adapt to various settings, from casual gatherings to formal occasions. The artisans at Mufti have woven these delicate shades into a range of ensembles that capture the essence of adaptability, reflecting the ease of transitioning between the different facets of tropical winter life. Mufti’s Autumn Winter 2023 collection reiterates our commitment to innovation by transforming classics into something new and exciting. It’s a celebration of the inherent beauty of pastels, perfectly aligned with the vibrancy of Indian fashion. As the tropical winter sun casts its golden glow, our collection invites you to explore a world where tradition dances with innovation, and where the soothing charm of pastel shades merges seamlessly with the vivacious spirit of Indian winters.


Printed Checked Shirt


Printed Checked Shirt Printed Checked Shirt




The reimagined checks, a clever amalgamation of fine lines and dots, seamlessly converge to form the iconic Buffalo checks sprawled across a rich, solid ecru canvas. This innovative approach to design showcases a captivating juxtaposition of elements, resulting in a print that resonates deeply with the modern and contemporary essence of the Mufti man. The intricate play between the geometric lines and subtle dots bestows a sense of dynamism upon the pattern, embodying the spirit of evolution while staying true to the brand’s heritage. This refreshing take on the traditional Buffalo checks exudes an air of sophistication, effortlessly adapting to the discerning tastes of the present-day individual. The deliberate fusion of classic and avant-garde elements encapsulates the brand’s commitment to timeless elegance with a touch of edgy novelty. The overall effect is a print that not only pays homage to its origins but also embraces the spirit of progression, making it an emblem of style for the contemporary Mufti man who values tradition as much as he celebrates innovation.


Abstract Print Shirt


Abstract Print Shirt Abstract Print Shirt




Indulge in the epitome of relaxed sophistication with this abstract printed shirt. Meticulously crafted, it boasts a premium lightweight cotton knit that caresses your skin with a gentle softness, elevating comfort to new heights. Embracing the essence of tropical winter, the shirt becomes a versatile layering piece, providing just the right amount of warmth without any cumbersome weight. Its intricate design harmonises style and functionality seamlessly, ensuring you glide through the season with ease. A true testament to understated luxury, this shirt invites you to experience a blend of lavishness and practicality in every wear, redefining your winter wardrobe.


Floral Printed Polo T-shirt


Floral Printed Polo T-shirt Floral Printed Polo T-shirt




Elevate your next brunch date with a touch of dandy elegance by donning the printed textured polo. This contemporary twist on the timeless classic exudes sophistication and charm. Complement the polo’s unique floral print by pairing it with earthy khaki chinos, creating a harmonious blend of colours that enhances your style statement. The textured fabric of the polo not only adds depth to your ensemble but also ensures a refined look suitable for the fall season. As you sip your coffee and engage in conversation, the floral print acts as a striking focal point, allowing you to infuse vibrant colours into your outfit while maintaining an air of elegance. This thoughtfully curated ensemble strikes the perfect balance between modern fashion and timeless refinement. By embracing the floral print, you effortlessly incorporate colours into your outfit without compromising on the overall sophistication. Make a lasting impression at your brunch date as you confidently showcase your personal style and appreciation for dandy aesthetics.

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