The Mufti Man’s Guide to Flaunting Prints

Digital print shirts have revolutionised the landscape of menswear, infusing it with a new level of creativity and artistic expression. These shirts feature intricately detailed designs and vibrant patterns directly printed onto the fabric using advanced digital printing techniques. From bold geometric shapes to mesmerising abstract motifs, digital print shirts offer a wide range of eye-catching options for the urban Mufti man. With their ability to transform an outfit and make a bold statement, digital print shirts have become a must-have in every fashion-forward gentleman’s wardrobe.


Unafraid of experimentation and always pushing the boundaries of menswear, Mufti presents a unique collection of Digital print shirts that encapsulates a panoramic view of style, that allows you to dress up for the work week, and dress down for the week-end. Designed for the fashion-forward man who seeks to make a bold and memorable impression, these shirts serve as a medium of expression for the well-dressed Mufti man. Drawing inspiration from the captivating designs, patterns, and fabrics of womenswear, Mufti embarked on a transformative journey, breathing new life into men’s fashion, making it more contemporary, modern and trendy. Venturing into the realm of digital print shirts, they discovered a limitless realm of possibilities, resulting in a fusion of innovation and artistry that sets the modern-day Mufti man apart.


Embrace the fall with Mufti’s Fall 2023 printed shirt collection, featuring warm tones and earthy hues. Crafted from cosy cotton blends, these shirts offer both comfort and style. From daytime strolls to work hours, they seamlessly fit the autumn ambiance. Let the prints capture the essence of the season as you express your unique style. Mufti’s collection is your perfect companion to showcase fall’s beauty and warmth.


Floral Printed Shirt


Floral Printed ShirtFloral Printed Shirt




Capturing the mesmerising hues of the autumnal landscape, this urban shirt emerges as an exquisite selection for a romantic tete-a-tete with your partner. Elevating its versatility, it effortlessly adapts when paired with a blazer, infusing an additional layer of sophistication. The subtle yet captivating floral print doesn’t just radiate elegance; it also serves as a canvas to reveal your keen fashion sensibility, all while adhering to a refined dress code. This shirt becomes a harmonious blend of sophistication and personal flair, offering an exceptional avenue to express your style preferences while relishing the changing weather of the tropical fall season to come.


Pastel Printed Shirt


Pastel Printed Shirt Pastel Printed Shirt




In fall fashion, the significance of pastel-coloured statement floral printed shirts for men cannot be understated. The light green hue of this bold floral digital print shirt offers a refreshing and unexpected twist to the traditional autumn colour palette, subtly infusing a touch of vitality and elegance into winter wear. The juxtaposition of soft pastels, specifically the light green, with the rich, earthy tones of the season creates a harmonious balance that captures the essence of autumn’s transition. In the context of tropical Indian winters, the incorporation of quintessential summer hues like this becomes even more important. This shirt not only elevates outfits with its captivating patterns but also serves as a representation of nature’s vibrancy amid the changing landscape. In a sea of traditional fall attire, this pastel floral shirt stands out as a bold yet harmonious choice, reflecting the wearer’s confidence and style evolution.


Abstract Printed Shirt


Abstract Printed Shirt Abstract Printed Shirt




Introducing the Abstract Floral Print Shirt – a captivating blend of vintage charm and modern allure. This shirt presents a contemporary interpretation of a classic retro-style print, infused with a touch of avant-garde elegance. The design seamlessly marries the timeless beauty of floral patterns with a cutting-edge digital glitch effect, resulting in a mesmerising visual masterpiece that is a true reflection of your unique fashion sensibilities. Whether you’re headed for a leisurely brunch date or a casual outing, this shirt effortlessly elevates your style quotient. Embrace the fusion of old and new, as you grace every occasion with an air of sophistication and your distinct, fashionable persona.

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