Fly With Us into the New Normal

Using the phonetic alphabet inspired by the airline industry, this season’s travel sweatshirt is a clever spelling out of the letters of our name- Mike, Uniform, Foxtrot, Tango, India in high definition, on a gel printed tonal camouflage stripe background so it is both subtle and bold at the same time. This black sweatshirt for men, in soft, supple loopback cotton is the perfect travel companion for the contemporary traveler. Sure, we don’t want to travel too much right now, but we can always fly in our minds. Wear this sweatshirt with our joggers for men, in black or camo, & a pair of sneakers.

In the pandemic, as the world continues to face various lockdowns, Mufti is all about unlocking within. Travelling with your soul, in your mind, off to where the million islands of our dreams shine- the true spirit of this homage and the name “MUFTI”. The Mufti man has the courage to dream, and face challenges head-on; be it on video conference at home or stepping out to into the new normal.

You must be thinking, “what’s in a name?”

Well, everything we say is in our name!

Mufti derives its name from the civilian clothes, men in uniform would wear when off-duty. And how does that make any difference for the Mufti man in you? Want to become Airborne? Do it now, by clicking on

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