Mufti’s Lightweight Stretch Shirts

The first marker of stepping into adulthood for any young man is the purchase of that first formal dress shirt. It lays the foundation for any good wardrobe yet to come. A good dress shirt has been and will continue to always be the base any formal fit for occasions where you simply have to keep up an appearance – from boardroom meetings and job interviews to black tie cocktails and wedding receptions. 


Mufti’s lightweight, stretch shirts elevate this formal appeal of a dress shirt with the comfort and versatility of stretch fabric to craft a shirt that is the smartest piece of clothing a guy can own. Slip into one and you will immediately demand a degree of respectability no matter the occasion.

Since time immemorial, a buttoned-up dress shirt – often in a light shade of pastels or strictly white – has been a signalling tool for men of power and stature in society. From Mad Men in Hollywood to Shahrukh Khan as a decorated army officer in Main Hoon Na, pop culture has furthered the prestige of the dress shirt. Of course, not all dress shirts are the same. The best ones are cut for a crisp fit and a sharp look giving the impression of a custom tailored shirt. With a blend of cotton and polyester, the Mufti CNP stretch shirt is specially engineered to flatter your physique while offering maximum comfort for a fit that looks just like a custom tailored shirt.

Mufti’s lightweight stretch shirts allows for full freedom of movement making this a working man’s go-to option for every day of the week – whether you are travelling to work or presenting in the meeting room. Additionally, the extremely lightweight fabric of this everyday workwear shirt makes it an ideal option for the sweltering heat of the subcontinent. Picking the right dress shirt goes a long way in covering up your shirting needs for a long period of time. The unique cotton blend fabric of Mufti’s stretch shirt ensures that with its immunity to wrinkle, it continues to retain its shape and show no signs of aging even after many, many years of usage. The most exceptional trait of this extremely elastic fabric is the way it drapes around your body in a way that you immediately feel confident and at comfort in one go.

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