Mufti’s Logo Printed Shirts

The forthcoming summer of 2022 is going to be a season of reckoning. After over two years of staying cooped up within our houses, this season of sweltering heat is when we all finally get a chance to step out and breathe some life into our otherwise anti-social lives. Some of us are excited, some are terrified and most of us are just happy to have made it out alive. Whether you are looking forward to an upcoming vacation or dreading the return to your work desk, Mufti’s spring-summer collection for the year is here to help you rediscover your groove as you prepare to step out – possibly in a really, really long time.

From sunshine yellow casual shirts and urban shirts in bold, new geometric prints to authentic nautical-inspired polos and athleisure-inspired tees, choosing a single outfit from this Mufti summer collection is going to be a difficult task. To make things easier, not that we would discourage you from purchasing them all, we at Mufti tasked our designers with identifying a status print for each month of this summer. Each status print celebrates the quintessential Mufti values – innovative and bold prints in comfortable fabric for unparalleled style and suave.

Our first Status Print of the Month features a classic urban shirt that will fit into any summer ensemble and render it actually comfortable for every occasion. A classic white men’s shirt for summer? Not very groundbreaking. But add to it an all-over micro-print, contrasting plaquette and unmissable pocket detail and it transforms into a shirt that is the go-to style for everything from a boardroom meeting to a cocktail party and more. Available in navy and in white, a closer look will enable you to see that the all-over print features the iconic Mufti Bird, synonymous with our free spirit and a sense of adventure, rightly reflecting the mood of this summer season.

Forget about sweating through your favourite summer shirt as the lightweight and comfortable fabric ensure that you are at ease and stay cool through the warmest of the days. Pair the navy urban shirt with light-coloured, slim fit, cotton trousers or, if you prefer, the white urban shirt with dark denim from our Denim de Luxe collection. Feeling more casual and looking to ease up this summer? Our Status Print of the Month is a perfect fit to roll up the sleeves, pop open a button or two and pair with cargo shorts this summer.

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