Parfums De Mumbai

Airborne since 1998, Mufti’s bird of freedom has been in flight over the skies of Mumbai breathing in every unique scent that defines this great metropolis.


The city has been our muse, our soul, and represents everything we stand for, and is reflected in all our endeavours. Indomitable, vibrant, creative, cultured, and humane, Mumbai inspires us every day to take flight and keeps us rooted. It is a reminder of our commitment to strive every day to create the best product we can, for you, our patrons.


Today the bird gives off to the air of Mumbai its own creations. Taking inspiration from all things Mumbai – the magnificent architecture, the ornamental city lights, the unparalleled allure of glamour, and the immersive sea breeze, Parfums de Mumbai are as spectacular and enticing as the City of Dreams itself.


Seven islands. Seven icons. Seven fragrances. 

Mufti Seven are designed to reflect the mood that is Mumbai.


From daily sport to the bright city night, the range of Eau de Parfums from Mufti is fresh, glamorous, and sensual. Blending the essences and absolutes of flower, spice, leather, oud, vetiver and bergamot; in varying proportions to deliver different moods and fragrances, this line of perfumes works for you on every occasion. Each fragrance captures the essence of Mumbai’s iconic locations, from Fort to Colaba to Bandra and is custom designed by the house, under guidance from some of the finest noses we know.


Always committed to delivering the best product, we at Mufti chose Eau de Parfum over the more common Eau de Toilette. Simply put, Mufti Parfums de Mumbai has a higher concentration of fragrance oils that ensures they last longer in the city that never sleeps.

BRABOURNE – The Pioneer

The first permanent sporting venue in India – Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium lends its name effortlessly to Mufti’s signature sport fragrance. The top notes of citrus with undertones of amber and musk deliver an excitingly fresh fragrance as you play away the day.

APOLLO – The Bringer of Light

Apollo Bunder – where Mumbai’s grand Gateway is situated. This is a statement fragrance that crosses boundaries and speaks to the entire world with passion. The rooted sensuality of patchouli, tobacco and oakmoss all blend to reflect the bustling streets of the city as you soar into the day.

COLABA OUD – A deep sense of fulfilment

The crowded markets of Colaba’s busy streets inspire this heady Oud from Mufti. Blended with spices and sandalwood notes this Oud is the perfect fragrance for a night out on the town as you stand out from the rest of the evening, marked by your distinct fragrance.

LAND’S END – Sea and Air

Land’s End – where this limitless city rushes to meet the sea. You stand at the edge of land facing the ever-raging Arabian Sea with a sense of unflappable calm. Mint and pineapple on top of a cedarwood and vanilla base soothe your surroundings as you chill the day away.

TERMINUS – A New Journey

Terminus, Bandra – where we are rooted. The histories of our beginnings trace back to Bandra where the dream of Bollywood comes real. Leather, cinnamon, amber all come together to take us on a walk down memory’s glamorous lanes.

FORT – Standing Tall

Stand tall, stay unconquered in Fort. For the day when you feel unstoppable and invincible. This warm and sensual fragrance is fortified with the essence of neroli, patchouli, and lime. Fort will keep you going through the day and well into the evening without ever having to pause.

VICTORI – The Undefeated

Inspired by the fusion of the contrasting styles that helped design the iconic Victoria Terminus, Victori is a refreshing blend of spice, flora and vetiver. A meeting of the oriental and occidental, this is the signature fragrance for, of, and by the global city of Mumbai.

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