Your Skinny Fit Jeans

Just like with everything, with Skinny Fit Jeans for men, there are some things you should do, and some things you shouldn’t. Let’s dive into it!

The Do’s:

Let it fit your body. “Hey my friend wears this one so I think I should buy the same!” doesn’t work. No two people are the same. Always go for what looks best on you and matches your comfort level.

Let it rip! You heard us! Ripped Skinny jeans work very well with t-shirts, leather jackets, or large checks, actually with about anything cool, casual, and Rockstar. The only thing to remember is to make sure that they ripped on the knees or below.

The Don’ts’s:

There is a fine line between a good skinny fit and too-tight-jeans. Always let your body shape guide your choice of jeans to avoid looking (and feeling) uncomfortable in something that is simply too tight.

Shoes matter. Skinny jeans look smooth but as the eyes roll down, the shoes can spoil the complete personality who had got it right all along until the finale. Choose the shoes that complements and goes with the look your putting together. Sneakers with hoodies, leather jackets, sweatshirts and tee-shirts with high-tops or boots, or set a new norm with something that you just feel comfortable wearing.

Well, there aren’t rules in fashion, but some points help in saving time and effort to get that look right for you!

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