The Airport-wear

Who doesn’t want a comfortable journey? And while we are all for that, the importance of your fabric doesn’t end with just comfort. Wearing the pyjamas from last or the slipper you wear to the bathroom is more of a forfeit of style for laziness.

Here are some easy airport looks that we call “the Airport-wear”:

1- The idea is to mix it up to get the best blend of comfort and style. Mufti’s jogger denims paired with a Denim Trucker and a baseball cap along with slick sneakers do a fine job at setting you apart.

2- Throw the shyness out and wear exactly what you would be wearing at your visit to the office as soon as you land. Yes, a blazer is great if that’s your work attire for the immediate post-flight plan. There’s no better fashion than what’s necessary.

3- Hoodie or Jacket, make it count with enough pockets. Adding a few extra pockets to your attire will not harm especially when you are hoarder type.

Bonus: Sunglasses, Sneakers, Cap. These three are absolute rockers for the airport look as they fit in with the necessity of being protective and comfortable while giving you the freedom to add some layers of style to your accessories.

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