3 Men’s Fashion Rules You Should Break

 To break rules, you first need to know them. That’s true for Men’s fashion rules as well. Moreover, you must do that to define your style. 

1.     Black & Navy Don’t Marry

Well, they do. You must know how to do it. That’s all. Going brighter on the navy, almost a Prussian blue, which reflects a casual easy and more country feel to the strict, classy and urban black does the trick.

2.     Some Colours Are Feminine

Some colours are thought to be “girly”, and other manly. Well, welcome to the 21st century. This rule is as absurd as it is untrue. A colour has got nothing to do with your masculinity.

Wearing colour has to do more with knowing how to. For instance, if youre in a relaxed mood, match tones- pastel bright shirts with light neutrals khakis and ecrus; shirts in mid-tone brights with lighter colour pants. The trick is to look at the colours through the lens of a sun-bleached beachside holiday.

If you’re sporty bright on bright and bright on dark, all work. We needn’t tell you this, you already know how to do athleisure!

If you’re comfortable wearing pink, and yellow, and green, and all of them together? Why not. All colours are available to all of us. 

3.     Your Belt Must Match Your Shoes

Well, time passes, and the rules are modified. This was a bulletin point for sure, but not anymore. With so many materials and shades available, a perfect match definitely has become all the more difficult. In fact, a little nonchalance reflects an effortlessly cool approach to personal. A tan belt and black shoes or vice versa, cherry red shoes with your tuxedo, and anything you can do to stir things up a little are all welcome.

Finally, the only one rule to not be broken for Men’s Fashion is – Be You!

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