5 Smart Casual Garments for Guys

 What is a “Smart Casual Outfit”? This sounds as confusing as a “Tall Little Guy”, doesn’t it? But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on this one.




  1. 1. Shirts

Let’s start at the top. Urban dress shirts Relaxed preppy shirts from Mufti are a great way to play the game for this look. While checks are great for this look, try on a bright and cheerful stripe as well. They will make you look slimmer & taller, and preppy while you’re at it. 

2. T-Shirts

Polos, polos, more polos! Printed and dark for the evening, plain and bright for the day, polo t-shirts are both dressed up and dressed down at the same time. The collar gives you an air being a grown up, while the pique, and jersey fabrics allow for ease and comfort. Wear them with clean jeans or chinos. However, the fit is the king when it comes to the torso so make sure, they aren’t over or undersized and that they fit you perfectly.

3. Jackets

You might be thinking of a blazer. Yes, that works. But we are here to take you beyond ordinary. Choose anything with a rib collar and cuffs. A classic Harrington or even a Varsity Bomber jacket.

4. Jeans & Chinos

Jeans – not just any, but a slim fit with straight cuts and a dark to mid washed tone. Clean on appearance, like the DDL jeans from Mufti. The jeans are like the mixers, they go with everything, but a bad choice on these, can debunk all the effort elsewhere too. 


Chinos in a slim fit work with this look as well. Clean, flat front, washed chinos. The washed bit is important, that’s what adds the casual to the smart.

5. Shoes

Shoes may seem like the last thing you need to worry about, but we bet they’re not. The only thing that defines a personality as firmly as the shoes, is your face. Yeah, hope that makes it clear. Try sneakers for a preppy look, loafers if you are channeling your inner Ferrari-driving-Italian, or tasseled loafers for a little more sartorial elegance.


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