5 Best Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style

  1. 1. Break the Myth - Style comes from practice

It’s no magic that some men look good every time you see them. They’ve, either themselves or with the help of a stylist, have figured out what kind of clothes and what looks work for them. Moreover, they make a conscious effort to choose and experiment with those fabrics daily.

2. Confidence is Fashion

Wear your confidence, that’s right! Anything you wear will get it’s worth from your self-worth. Confidence is the best accessory to carry which will define your style. Whether you’re a vintage-loving Authentic & Free Spirit Indigo Jean wearing guy, or a Relaxed beach lover we got you covered at Mufti.

3. Dress Down!

Sure, every man needs a couple of well-tailored suits. You do need them for some occasions. But then, for every other day, dress down, even when you dress up. DDL jeans, Urban shirts & Polos, and Jackets from Mufti help you dress down while you remain stylish.

4. Care Costs Nothing

Taking good care of your clothes and shoes should come before anything else. If a look worked for you, to make sure you can replicate that look or even better – for you to improve on it, you need to maintain the quality of your clothes.

There we are! To start looking good, you need to start feeling good. And these points will go a long way.

5. Donate

Confused? Let us explain! You must get rid of the old clothes that do not fit you well to divert your attention to the ones that do. And of course, a little charity hasn’t done anyone harm ever.

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