Camo-up your style

One of the most survival friendly military innovations is the camouflage fashion which came into being to mix in with the immediate environment which was mostly of forests and leaves. However, today, camouflage wear in the urban streets clearly makes heads turn and suck attention from all directions. No matter how ironical this sounds, the camo has always been in fashion because one simple reason – it’s bold, staple and primal.



There are a lot of fabrics that Camos is stitched in:

1- Camo T- shirts

The Camo T-shirt is the most basic camo wear in the Mufti men clothing line and also generally for a reason. You just cannot go wrong with this one. Mix it up with some soothing colours in the Mufti jeans and sneakers and this perfect Camo will have you stand out easily.

2- Camo Jackets

A Camo Jacket can come in all shapes and sizes. From the bomber Camo to the field jacket. Here, the occasion is your friend. Wearing plain colours under the jacket works really well like navy blue or the deep indigo or washed Mufti jeans.

3- Camo Pants

Camo pants are tacky, but you can handle them just like the other Camos. The best part about Camo is that they demand you to keep the rest of you simple so they can shine in their own way – which is – the confident way. Pair these chinos with simple boots or sneakers with a Mufti round neck t-shirt for a cool sporty look.

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