The essence of casual fashion is comfort. To be able to master this comfortable art of dressing up subtly yet stylishly is an absolute essential in our times.

However, most of our fashion sense goes for a toss when it comes to everyday clothing. That’s exactly why having some staple styles in the closet helps us look in place without much effort.

Casual T-shirts & Jeans

Go for plain or graphic printed, cotton t-shirts in a range of colours available at along with the slick deep indigo DDL or washed FSI denim jeans for men. This is a pleasant, easy match while being appropriate for absolutely any casual outing or errand. Simple, subtle & yet stylish.

Casual Shirts & Chinos

For a little elegance, shirts for men are the deal. Slide the t-shirts aside and throw on a relaxed casual shirt. But don’t forget those slick pencil fit chino trousers below. Chinos and Casual shirts are a great pair when you don’t feel like slipping on the usual jeans and tees.

Hoodies & Tees/Jeans

Hoodies just never go out of style. But don’t forget to pair them with a slim fit or skinny fit jeans to balance the soft with the classy. It’ll keep you warm and get you feeling cozy. You could also try these hoodies with a pair of joggers at your nearest Mufti store.

Picking the Right Shoe

White sneakers or boots. Espadrilles or slip-ons. You can do great things with your feet with a nice pair of shoes. The trick here is to keep them clean and shining to look urban. And when they get a little scuffed, don’t throw them away. Wear them with the authentic shirts & polos from Mufti, for a rugged feel.

Now open your closet and find a fool-proof wardrobe with these easy to execute casual looks.


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