What’s the Perfect Date Outfit for you?

One of the most distressing social situations is the date. And it’s so important to get that look right. Not too much, suggesting that you’ve specially dressed up for it, which makes the partner awkward if they’ve not matched the peacocking. Also, not just showing up in those pyjamas. That can be a complete turn off.

However, there are ways to balance this tricky equation out pretty simply, here are a few tips:

1- Button up shirt with Mufti jeans can seal the deal as it’s not too much. It’s something you would wear with friends out as well. It’s simple, smart and friendly. Just what you need to build comfort.

2- If that’s not your type, you can go for simple dark shade Mufti polo t-shirt and the DDL Mufti jeans along with white sneakers to slay that easy look.

3- Moreover, if it’s a chilly night you are planning for, Mufti’s take on the classic Harrington can come in handy. Pair it up with Mufti jeans and boots and stroll in the venue. We are sure you’ll make heads turn.

These ‘date outfits’ are dependent on the weather and time of the day as well, so keep that in mind as you choose from Mufti’s online store. Go all out for the Mufti shirts, Mufti Jeans, Mufti Jogger Denims, Mufti polo t-shirts and more!

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