Rockstar Fashion

There are many distinct ways rock stars dress up which makes them look like a “rock star’ but nothing is more significant than the leather jacket. Let’s talk about how can you rock that look on you by using this one fabric, one solution – the leather jacket. 


However, let us also understand why we would want to look like a rock star even if we aren’t one. Well, they get all the attention. The tough guy look, popularised by early Hollywood stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean, is loved by women. But it takes a lot more to actually be tough than just a leather jacket. 


With the conscience and morality in place, let us dive into that perfect look: 


So, when you are looking to get yourself a leather jacket, what should you look for? What would make you, specifically, with your own style and personality, rock the rock star look? 


Well, we will have to look at some criteria here:


1- Fit. One size doesn’t fit all. Make sure the jacket fits you perfectly. It should be comfortable for movements of the hands and back and yet shouldn’t be loose. The perfect fit means that it blends with your body in such a way that it feels like a part of you. 

2- Material. There are many variants in the leather jacket section as well. Go for the one that feels comfortable on your skin. 

3- Style. There are various options from the bomber leather jacket all the way to the rider. Choose your own style that would work for you on boots and Mufti DDL jeans. 

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