In the Age of the Fourth Monkey

Mufti brings you the 5 layered “Breathe No Evil” mask. The first inner layer (i.e. the second layer) of the mask is hydrophobic and it repels droplets effectively. The second inner layer is treated with an antimicrobial coating which stops harmful disease – inducing bacteria in their tracks. The third inner layer is hydrophilic and absorbs moisture from your breath, so your glasses don’t fog up and things don’t get too hot under the hood. The innermost layer, the lining is cotton jersey for the wearer’s comfort. Finally, the top or outermost layer is an extension to display your personality, which makes you look as good as you feel.


We seem to be living in the age of the Fourth Monkey this year. For a nation that upholds belief in the 3 wise monkeys of hearing, seeing, and speaking no evil, Mufti has designed this line of adjustable, washable masks that now help you “Breathe No Evil.” Ou r teams have developed a pattern that perfectly contours and fits most if not all faces. Our tech allows for the most protective – while – remaining comfortable fit. With over a dozen designs and colours to choose from, our safety masks go with most of your clothing.

The masks come wrapped in earthy packaging while being eco-friendly and complementing the vigour in you. More so, even though you can pick them up on your way at any MUFTI store, you are always welcome to browse the wide range at – on your fingertips, in the comfort of your home

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