Lightweight Flannel: The Modern Mufti Icon

Looking for the perfect balance of cosy warmth, classic styling, and modern comfort this winter? Then you will want to get comfortable with Mufti’s lightweight flannel shirt. Soft and fluffy yet sartorial with its unique textured fabric, this cloth is the well-dressed man’s best friend in the colder months. Add to that Mufti’s distinguished twist of an extremely lightweight flannel that is quintessential for India’s unique winter and you have a shirt that is sure to be your go-to choice all season.

Few pieces of clothing feel as comfortable and look as presentable as a flannel shirt once the temperatures start dropping marking the onset of winter. Mufti’s flannel shirt is the most versatile piece of apparel in your wardrobe this season. Cut in contemporary style and patterns, you can style this shirt in casual, informal attire – wearing it on its own unbuttoned or approaching it formally, tucked in, and with the option of layering it with a jacket. Previously limited exclusively to tailored garments, Mufti’s casual flannel shirt is an opportunity for any well-dressed man to incorporate this fabric into their daily winter wardrobe.

Mufti’s cotton flannel makes for buttery-supple shirts in an extremely lightweight fabric that is truly unlike any other. More than any other winter cloth, Mufti’s flannel shirts grant you permission to break the rules and become a symbol of expression. Its slightly fuzzy texture, soft comfort, and subtle tones are all conducive to a range of styling options that other fabrics are not.


At Mufti, the casual flannel shirt is a celebration of this timeless classic with humble origins as utilitarian, everyday workwear. From British miners to American lumberjacks and uniformed men in armed forces all around the world, flannel had been synonymous with rugged attire that protects one from the elements. Today, the same flannel fabric is synonymous with sartorial dress codes that dominate the corridors of power and influence.

Double Pocket Solid Flannel Shirt

The twin chest pockets add a utilitarian edge to this casual flannel shirt. Crafted in authentic military hues of olive and charcoal, this flannel shirt highlights the rugged heritage of this fabric. Style it on its own or as a shacket (shirt jacket), layered over a plain tee.

Checked Casual Flannel Shirt


No other pattern is as synonymous with flannel as checks. The combination of this distinctive fabric and innovative check pattern has led to the creation of iconic menswear trends – from authentic Americana to sophisticated plaid. Mufti’s checked casual flannel shirt is a refreshing new take with a micro-check pattern that adds a contemporary appeal to this casual shirt.


Plain Solid Flannel Shirt

Today, flannel is produced in a wide range of hues but monochrome is the iconic colour for flannel. The traditional tones of this solid flannel shirt is complemented by a contrast-stitch detailing that adds character to an already sophisticated menswear icon.

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