Military-Inspired Authentic Wear

Modern menswear has extensively borrowed the tailoring and style of military uniform-makers in the past decades. It conjures images of grandeur, finesse and is the go-to benchmark of the macho style. Whether in the form of functional, utilitarian khakis or an everyday crewneck t-shirt in camouflage print, military-inspired clothing has been reinterpreted across all categories of menswear.


At Mufti, this resonance with armed forces starts right from our name – a term borrowed from colonial Indian armed forces. Mufti’s authentic winter collection is our homage to this timeless essence of military-style.

This Mufti military sweatshirt could be considered a classic basic from a distance. But up close, it is the distinct and subtle intricacies that define this olive sweatshirt. The flap pocket on chest and contrast panelling on the sleeve and along them hem highlight the enduring military style. Don’t be surprised if someone mistakes you for an officer in the armed forces with an embroidered leather badge that hearkens to military decorations and insignia.

Mufti Embroidered Airborne Tee is a classic polo shirt designed to easily slip into any man’s wardrobe for a strong, rugged, casual look when you go exploring. It features intricate embroidered detailing that highlights Mufti’s signature bird logo and is a subtle nod to military-inspired dressing. True to military wear, it requires little thought to put together an ensemble – whether you go with utilitarian khaki trousers or a pair of light coloured smart chinos. Mufti’s new camo polo tee looks great on almost every man out looking to add a new pattern to his wardrobe without going overboard.


The camouflage print has been synonymous with armed forces dressing for as long as one can remember. Taking a modern, contemporary twist on a pattern as iconic reflects Mufti’s desire to add a modern flair and offer something truly unique to its patrons. The digital camo print on this short-sleeved shirt is furthered by authentic military detailing – metallic tabs on the shoulder and taping that resonate as epaulettes on military uniforms. 

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