Finding Your Denim Fit: Carrot vs Ankle Length

A good pair of denim jeans is a men’s wardrobe staple and the most effortless piece of clothing any man could own. Yet, ironically, shopping for the right pair of jeans can become a daunting task. From colours to washes to the level of distress, the infinite choices of how a pair of jeans look is already worrying enough before you get confused about how the denim jeans fit your specific body type. Wearing comfort being the most important factor of all, picking the right fit is also the most important decision in your purchase journey.

Don’t panic, because we at Mufti are here with a comprehensive guide to the most popular denim fits – how they are tailored, what works best for your body and what distinguishes one from the other. In this second part, we help you understand the difference between two cropped denim fits that are increasingly on trend – carrot fit and ankle length fit. While they both feature a cropped length which makes them ideal for shorter men, they have defining factors that differentiate the two. Find the fit that is right for you, head over to our website or a store near you, and grab your next favourite pair of denim jeans.


Struggling to find comfort but impressed by the tailored appeal of skinny fit jeans? Carrot fit jeans are the next best alternative that tick all the right boxes. Featuring a low rise, which means that your jeans sit a few inches below the waist and closer to your hips, carrot fit jeans are roomier and offer more comfort for the average body size. Shaped like its namesake, carrot fit is wider around the waist, hips and thighs with a lower crotch while retaining the snugness of a skinny fit from below the knee. Carrot fit jeans are increasingly on trend with refreshing design cues like Mufti’s Dark Indigo Carrot Fit Jeans with cargo-styled thigh pockets setting some extremely fresh design cues.


Ankle length fit is tailored for those looking for the comfort of the super slim fit in a slightly cropped length. Whether you are someone with shorter-than-average height seeking a perfect fit or someone who prefers shorter-length denim, the ankle-length fit is a great alternative to the ever-popular super slim fit. Wearing this fit with a bit of your ankle showing is a great way to give a flattering illusion of increased height to your silhouette. Mufti’s Dark Indigo Ankle Length Denim De Luxe accentuates this characteristic of this fit with a gradual vertical fade with a modern design twist. The cropped length makes ankle fit denim jeans the perfect option for all-year wear in tropical climates like in India. Although you can pair these with a more casual sandal, we highly recommend sticking to sneakers every time you step out.

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